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    Artfix Daily ran a good article titled “Four Reasons Why Historic Art Remains Important To The California Market” written by the editorial staff at William A. Karges Fine Art. The major points discussed regarding Early California paintings (1870-1940) are: Traditional art is self-sustaining It preserves our (California) history Historical art preserves our environment The market is strong To read the full article, see the...

    Insurance Coverage for Valuable Possessions

    Your home / condo owners or renters insurance policy should be reviewed once a year to make sure your coverage is right for your current needs.  One of the most common mistakes people make is to assume their valuable possessions are covered under their standard property policy.  This is not true in most cases. Some of the items that need extra protection include jewelry, furs, cameras, silverware, antiques, musical instruments,...

    Death, Debt, Divorce, Disaster - The 4 D's

    We don’t like to think about it, but there are several situations where our art, antiques and collectibles will be affected in a major way.   Life’s events have a way of separating us from our possessions. The Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers recently posted a good article on the subject titled “Not Till Death, Debt, Divorce Do We Part” by Julia McLaren.   It discusses the first...

    Appraisal Foundation's Resource Page for Personal Property Appraisals

    The Appraisal Foundation sets the guidelines for all appraisers and publishes the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  They have added a new page to their website with resources for consumers seeking personal property appraisals.   The following is available: Resources For Personal Property Appraisers Links to major appraisal societies with searchable databases of personal property appraisers (including the...

    FBI Warns Dealers, Collectors About Terrorist Loot

    On Aug. 26th the following announcement was made: The FBI is alerting art collectors and dealers to be particularly careful trading Near Eastern antiquities, warning that artifacts plundered by terrorist organizations such as ISIL are entering the marketplace. “We now have credible reports that U.S. persons have been offered cultural property that appears to have been removed from Syria and Iraq recently,” said Bonnie...

    Three Major Appraisal Organizations Unite to Alert the Public to Risks Associated with Engaging Uncredentialed Personal Property Appraisals

    A Circle of Trust has been established by the three major professional societies for personal property appraisers to jointly promote education to the public regarding the importance of using credentialed appraisers.  They include the International Society of Appraisers, American Society of Appraisers and the Appraisers Association of American.  The joint announcement states: Members of these associations earn their credentials...

    7 Best Practices for Gifting Art to Museums

      Investment News has a good article titled “The Art of Legacy Planning – 7 Best Practices for Gifting Art to Museums”.  In the article they state that high net worth individuals spend an average of 17% of their wealth on art and antiques, a passion investment.   Part of managing this investment is planning for the future of the collection.  One option is to donate to a non-profit organization such as a...

    Untying the Knot

    You may have seen the fairly new television series on Bravo titled “Untying the Knot”.  It features a prominent divorce mediator helping couples split up their joint assets. As part of the process, appraisers are brought in to value the personal property.  The level of value may vary slightly by state, however in California the appropriate level is “Fair Market Value”.  For television purposes, the...

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